1. The ceremony can and should definitely be "unplugged". This is a sacred moment between you and your loved one as well as close family and friends. I know if I was crying hysterically during my vows (because I totally will be), that I wouldn't want those images or videos on the internet before I had a chance to see it and make fun of myself first. However, during the reception, pictures should definitely be allowed. What's the point of having a dance floor if not to capture all the silly dance moves right?

2. Announcement - Forget to make a sign? Or put it on the invite? No worries! Have your planner, close family member or even the DJ make an announcement before the ceremony. This is definitely not considered  'unprofessional' and your guests will thank you for not yelling at them later because you forgot. 

3. Signage - This is my personal favorite! Over the years, I have seen many clever and unique ways to let your guests know that you don't want any pics taken during a specific time. That said, here are some of my favorites, but remember ... humor ALWAYS wins!