Let's be real, we love throwing parties! Whether it's for kids or adults, everyone should have fun, but sometimes that's easier said than done. Here are some of our top tips and tricks for creating a successful party for all ages.  

1. Kid Friendly Activities - Minus The Adult Supervision

Don't plan an activity that needs an adult to help. If you want to have an arts and crafts station, there will need to be an adult present to make sure they aren't making a complete mess and things are being refilled if needed. Try to plan an activity that parent's don't have to be bothered with. (i.e. a face painter or a balloon artist)

2. Food To Satisfy Every Tastebud

We all know kids are extremely picky, so why should adults be stuck eating mac n cheese or pizza? (I mean ... I'm always down, but still). Try thinking of having different food items or stations for everyone. You can have a designated kids buffet vs. adult buffet, but sometimes pizza is unavoidable, so even adding a delicious veggie or fruit tray would help keep that belly full.  

3. More Toys, More Fun

Kids aren't great at sharing, so take out the possible frustration early and set out different types of toys. No need to hear someone yell, "Timmy, share with Susan!" You can set out a DIY bubble station or different types of balls (i.e. soccer, baseball, football). Have little ones? Make a mini DIY ball pit! 

Having a kid and adult friendly party can definitely be a fun day for everyone. Just remember .... kids want to be entertained and parents want to relax. Once you cater to both those needs your party is sure to be a success!