Speaking from personal experience, there is nothing like a good pair of freshly painted nails to make me happy and start the week off right. Not to mention, it can be so therapeutic. (Can we talk about the hand and arm massages?) Yes please! Whether you are preparing for a wedding, special event, night on the town or Sunday brunch with the girls, new nails can make you feel like a whole new woman! 

Here are some of my top favorites:

1. Metallic Dream - As someone who does her nails on her own, I can definitely say I have nail envy for these bad boys! 

2. In The Nude - Sometimes simplicity is more when it comes to having pretty nails and these are definitely showstoppers. 

3. Design Dreams - Now THESE are some spectacular nails! I'd like to think I am pretty skilled myself, but I mean ... come on. These are amazing! 

No matter the occasion, awesome nails are that extra little touch to jazz up any outfit ... helping you go from bleak to chic in seconds.