It's official summertime, which means sun, bikinis and the beach. Well why not enjoy summer that much more with some fun new products to help you "beat the heat". We all know floaties are quickly becoming the must have item this season for the pool, but the summer activities don't stop there. That said, we have some awesome and convenient items anyone can enjoy. See below for our top favorites! 

1. Watermelon Tap - Enjoy a good cocktail? Well then this one's for you! Hollow out the watermelon, fill it with your alcohol of choice and enjoy! 


2. Silicone Wine Glasses - Enjoy a good drink minus the mess? This product is perfect for the beach, pool or any outdoor activity where you want to enjoy a nice beverage, but not make a mess with glass, should the drink fall over. 

3. Picnic Backpack - Who remembers the good ol' days where you packed a basket of goodies and headed to the park to enjoy a great meal? This backpack is the perfect product for a person on the go.

4. Wireless Floating Pool Speaker - Enjoy some tunes without the hassle because this wireless speaker is also waterproof. How awesome is that! It even comes in different styles and colors depending on your budget.

5. Sandless Beach Towel - I know I personally hate when I get sand all over my towel at the beach, so some genius invented this awesome towel that is completely sand-proof! Due to the woven polyurethane it filters out grains of sand. How cool is that!