Do you ever just wish you could take a break and go somewhere tropical for a week? I know I sure do! All this girl needs is a bikini and fruity drink and I'm in! 

With the summer sun right around the corner, we know finding new and exciting destinations to travel can be challenging. That said, see below for our top 5 favorite places to travel in 2017. (If we found the time of course).  

1) Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Angra dos Reis is in Rio De Janeiro state of Brazil. A beautiful mirage of 365 islands, Angra dos Reis is a popular getaway for Rio residents. It's very well known for their beautiful beaches.

2) Bermuda

Bermuda is a self-governing British overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Caribbean, off the coast of North America east of North Carolina. It is one of the last remains of the once vast British colonial empire in North America.

3) Paros, Greece

Paros is a Greek island in the central Aegean Sea. Historically, Paros was known for its fine white marble, since abandoned marble quarries and mines can be found on the island..

4) Seychelles

The Seychelles are a group of 115 islands, only a few inhabited, in the Indian Ocean that lie off the coast of East America, northeast of Madagasca.

5) Montreal, Quebec

This French-speaking city is considered the cultural capital of Canada and is a cosmopolitan celebration of Québécois style. A horse carriage ride around the cobblestone streets and grand buildings of Vieux-Montréal will give you a taste of European flavor.