While wedding cakes can be absolutely stunning, most people want something easy they can take home or grab on the go. Dessert bars can not only be a fun and delicious DIY project, but they are budget friendly too! 

You can have a mixture of desserts, just one type (i.e. a cookie, but made different ways) or mix it up and have a small signature cake for just you and your fiancé plus other small desserts. No matter what option you choose, your guests will be more than happy! 


The Little Cake That Could

We love the idea of having a small personalized cake for you and your special someone. These are great for the couples who still want to 'cut the cake' without having to feed it to all of their guests or break the bank! 

Make The Cookie Monster Jealous

This dessert bar is easy to set up and not expensive at all! No need to go all out with decorative cake pops or cupcakes! Stick to the basics that everyone knows and loves. Milk and cookies? Yes please! Tip: if you want to jazz up the look of your cookie bar, add in a decorated sugar cookie using the color scheme of your wedding! 

The Alternatives

The ideas for dessert bars are endless. Whether you want a donut, candy, popsicle or even a pie bar, all of your guests are sure to leave with a full belly and satisfied sweet tooth! Tip: Don't want a sweet styled dessert bar? Have a savory one instead with a popcorn or potato chip bar. 

The possibilities are endless!