Whether you are planning a wedding or planning a special event, each occasion is important. That said, there are certain rules that can be crucial in managing your expectations and keeping you in line to stay stress free. See below for our top 10 rules to make any event a success. 

1. Pick a budget and stick to it - This is mostly referring to those "Oh, I must have that at my event" moments. These "smaller" purchases can add up quickly so as hard as it may be, make sure you stick to your initial budget. If needed, make a spreadsheet and always keep it updated to help keep you on tract. 

2. Make your RSVP method simple - Not everyone is technology/computer friendly (think of grandma and grandpa). If you are sending a virtual invitation, make sure it is easy to use and navigate around the site / email. Or if you are mailing a hard invite, always include a return postage and little envelope. 

3. It's not a competition - Look, I totally get it. You just went to an extravagant event with elephants, flying fairies and mermaids swimming in a pool ... and it was awesome! But that doesn't mean you need to break the bank trying to out do your friends or impress them. Anyone you invite to your wedding or event should be grateful to be there and know they will have a blast. Your event will be special no matter what! 

4. Don't forget about your vendors - This is a big one. We LOVE our vendors and treat them like family, but a lot of people forget how hard they work behind the scenes. As a planner we always try and make sure they are taken care of, but we can only do so much. As a client, the least you can do is feed them, but a tip for their services is also a very nice 'thank you' at the end of an event. 

5. Bridesmaids budget - This one is specifically geared towards a wedding, but always make sure you know your girls budget (or guys). I don't mean to bring up the movie 'Bridesmaids' here, but sometimes a $100-$250 dress is a lot more reasonable than a Fritz Bernaise.

6. Dress comfortably - Whether it's a wedding dress or cute cocktail dress, make sure you can sit down and dance! Being comfortable is key to any event, but most of all - your happiness. Nothing to tight or revealing. This means shoes too ladies!

7. Thank you cards - This goes back to the vendor appreciation rule and should really be a no-brainer. While a simple 'thank you card' is tedious, it sure goes a long way with your guests. They really appreciate the effort and understand the time you took. Plus this is a perfect photo op! Take a picture at your event holding up a 'thank you' sign and send that pic with a little note!

8. Don't crash diet - We all know looking your best means feeling your best, but having to lose, or feel like you need to lose, a ton of weight is silly! However, if you do want to lose some extra pounds (you go girl), make sure you do this in a healthy way! No need to cause yourself anymore stress or illness leading up to your event.

9.  Ditch the traditional stuff - This one is wedding related ... again. Do not, I repeat, do not feel like you HAVE to do something just because it's 'traditional'. We love our unconventional brides, and being different is okay! It's YOUR day. Do not feel like you need to live up to anyone else's expectations or make anyone happy other than yourself (and fiancé).

10. Don't expect perfection - Now this is a big one, hence why I saved the best for last. As a planner we always try to have a successful event and make sure all of our clients are happy, but sometimes things happen that are out of our control. From making the initial budget, to the planning process, to the big day, try and leave a little room for some unforeseen issues. From weather, to a pipe breaking, to a guest drinking to much, ALWAYS remember ... it will all work out.