It's a busy week here at Elle A Events as we're preparing for a 3 day conference for our client, Brandify. That said, we wanted to send over our top tips for what makes a good conference (in our opinion).

1. Content

Content is key! It should be current, exciting and engaging. You definitely don't want to bore your guests, especially because they will be sitting for almost the entire time. It's important for attendees to be able to take back vital information they have learned and apply it in their work. 

2. Location 

Location, location, location! Although most of it is held inside, it's important to pick a space that's in an interesting spot. Find somewhere that has things to do outside of the conference once the event is over. Your guests will appreciate the freedom, especially ones who are visiting from out of town, so finding a spot with things to do is a huge plus! 

3. Organization 

Staying organized is extremely important for the key to a successful conference. Whether you decide to hire a planner, like us, or do it yourself, make sure you stay on track with your expectations. 'Google Sheets' will be your new best friend! Make sure you map things out with signage and arrows so your guests are directed appropriately. Remember this is all about them, so it needs to be as seamless as possible! 

4. Engage The Audience

Ever heard of "Catchbox"? You're welcome. This is a super cool throwable microphone. It's fun, lightweight, and really makes sure your guests are paying attention. This way you don't have to hear someone yell, "louder!" because they can't be heard. While this is just an example, you always want to make sure your guests are having a good time and enjoying themselves. You can even think of something to do before or after the conference to keep them happy and ready to learn! 

5. Feed Them 

Maybe it's just me, but I love food and your attendees will too! Make sure they are being fed with a yummy lunch and have snacks. Ever been to a movie theater and had that craving for some popcorn just because you're sitting down watching something? Same thing. Your guests will want to feel like they can snack on things and have a delicious meal to look forward to. (Tip: bring in a fun interactive station like SuperCool Creamery which makes frozen ice cream or cocktails with Liquid Nitrogen!)


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