Seating charts, table numbers and escort cards. These 3 components are critical in having a successful event and showing your guests where to sit. While you don't necessarily need to use all three of these concepts together, they can definitely help expedite the process as well as showcase your events theme or concept. See below for our favorite ideas! 

Seating Chart

Do you love to travel? Us too! This idea is perfect for a travel themed event or even a couple getting married that has 'wanderlust' in their blood. 


Where are all my 'nerdy' people at? If you love science then this idea will wow any guest. You can call it the "Periodic Table of Love" or just the "Periodic Table of Tables" as seen below. So clever! 


This idea is a perfect go to for any occasion. It is classy and stunning, but also eco friendly! Find any mirror in a unique shape or size and write all over it. The best part ... all the ink comes right off! (just make sure you use dry erase markers for easy removal).


Table Numbers

If I see one more table number that is just a printed number on paper I might go nuts. While I totally get this is traditional and easy, there are so many more unique and fun ways to let your guests know where to sit!

I personally LOVE this idea because baby pictures are the best. All you have to do is find some cute baby pictures of you and your loved one during those special "years" of your life to represent the table number. Say it with me .... aww! 

This idea is just all around fun. If you don't need things to be symmetrical or match, then this is perfect for you! It can even be a fun DIY project. 


Escort Cards

From clever to classy, escort cards can be an awesome way to to show your guests where to sit. Depending on what you chose to do, your guests can even keep them! So ditch the simple cursive writing on folded paper and check out these ideas below.