A wedding guest book is a special keepsake you will have your entire life. That's why we think you should get rid of the traditional pen and paper and do something truly unique! See below for some of our favorite ideas that will leave even your guests impressed.

1. Love Birds Tree

This is a personal favorite of mine as one of our brides did this for her special day. I was blown away by her creativity and thought this was a perfect decor piece to hang in their future home together.

2. A Picture That Lasts A Lifetime

Love pictures as much as we do? Then this guest book is perfect for you! Leave out a polaroid camera and have your guests take a picture of themselves. They can either be hung or placed in the guest book as seen below. This way, if you still want to have a physical book, you can at least have some entertaining photos to look at as well as read the kind words from your guests!

3. Go Mad With Mad Libs

This idea is so much fun and allows your guests to be the clever ones! These would be hilarious to read after the wedding and such a fun way to not only get some sound advise, but also know who was there to help celebrate your special day! 

4. Rustic Done Right

Love all things rustic? So do we! That's why this idea is awesome. Turn a tree stump into a coffee table or frame it to hang somewhere in your home. 

5. When Your Guests Mean The World To You

For all you wanderlust people out there, this 'guest book' is for you. Have your guests either sign a globe or a map. Adventure awaits!