On Saturday January 23 2016, friends and family gathered at The Argyle in Hollywood to celebrate the 50th Birthday of our dear friend, Karen Goldberg. Guests came from all over the country to surprise her and it was definitely a celebration worth remembering.

Guests arrived draped in their finest 1920's garments with a live band to set the mood. Decorated with feathers, pearls and sequins, the space would have made anyone feel as if they taken a step right into the set of The Great Gatsby. The ceilings were filled with gold and black balloons while the champagne flowed all evening. 

What a special moment it was seeing such a genuinely, surprised reaction from Karen as we pulled back the curtain and everyone yelled "Surprise"! Anyone stepping into the space could feel the enormous amount of love and positive vibes throughout the entire evening. We were so honored to be able to help celebrate Karen and create what her dear wife Liz had imagined for Karen's big day. Again, Happy 50th Birthday Karen. WE LOVE YOU & Liz!

Special thanks go to our incredible designer bakers Kneady Bakery! Please check out their site for their delicious treats and silly sense of humor that makes them truly one-of-a-kind.


Instagram: @kneadybakersla