Every year when the seasons change and that cold crisp air hits our faces, we are overcome with joy here at Elle A Events. We love spending more time indoors and what better way to stay busy, then with some fabulous D.I.Y. activities! 

Now because we love anything that shines, we will be sharing some of our favorite projects that include ... glitter. Some of these projects are even perfect to keep and save for the Holiday Season! 

Glitter Pinecones: 

The best part about these is they make a great "transition" decoration. They look good on a coffee table October - January or even as an ornament on a Christmas tree! All you need are pinecones, a sponge brush, glue, newspaper to control your mess and a glitter color of choice. You can even paint them different colors before you add the glitter and use that as a base coat instead of glue!

Now this next step is optional, but if you’re worried about bugs, just put your pinecones in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. That will ensure all those little creatures do not get into your home, but be sure to line your baking sheet with foil so none of the sap gets anywhere else!

Glitter Acorns:

Much like the pinecones, all you need is glue, glitter, and newspaper. You can decorate just the tops of the acorns or even the entire thing. They can be made into a wreath, ornaments, or even a beautiful garland. You can also just paint the base a solid color and the tops glitter so they look like lights for Christmas time!