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A couple months ago I watched one of my friends get married to the man of her dreams in a pair of sneakers!

I’m a girl that can’t last more than two hours in a pair of heels before I’m walking around a party bare foot, so this got me thinking. I started to do some research only to be so impressed by the vast number of cute sneakers you can pair with a beautiful wedding dress. I am not the biggest fan of the trend but after seeing some of these new styles that have come out I’ve completely changing my mind! Not to mention, if it’s good enough for Serena Williams to wear bedazzled Nike Cortez sneakers to her wedding, than it's good enough for me. 

There are countless ways to customize sneakers, but I was very impressed with Keds. Keds has partnered with Kate Spade to create a whole bridal sneaker collection that makes the search for a perfect bridal shoe just too easy. 

So grab your sneakers and TIE the knot!

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