Want a little luck for your wedding? Here a few of my favorite Irish traditions that will bring you luck on your wedding day!


Five/Six Pence:
Traditionally a silver sixpence was placed in the bride’s left shoe as a symbol of happiness, joy, finances, etc.


Wishing Stones:
When traditional Irish weddings were held by the water, guests would each make a wish for happiness on a stone and toss them into the water. If you aren’t near a lake or ocean try this twist of Irish by having guests sign a stone and drop it in a vase of water. (They will make great decor after your wedding)


Horse Shoe Bouquet
A horseshoe, when held up right represents luck, don’t tip it upside or its believed your luck will run out! Today most brides will use a charm or pendant since a horseshoe is quite heavy to be carrying around all day.

Symbolic Flowers in The bouquet
Bells of Ireland – Luck for the new couple!
Daisy – Innocence and Beauty of the bride.
Forget-Me-Not – True love…
Gardenia – Secret Love…
Ivy – Fidelity in the marriage.
Laurel – Success in the couple’s new life together!
Lavender – Devotion…
Lilly – Passion and purity in love.
Lilly of the Valley – Sweetness of love.
Peony – Honor one another.
Primrose – Eternal love in the new marriage
Rose – Passion and joy for the new couple.
Shamrocks – A sprig of Shamrock in the bride’s bouquet brings good luck.


Flower Wreath
That’s the next choice facing the bride. Traditionally Irish bride’s would have favored a garland of wild flowers typically Lavender to be worn in their hair. Whichever the bride’s choice she must never put her own veil or head-dress on as this is considered very unlucky.


Oatmeal and Salt
According to legend if the couple eats oatmeal and salt on the wedding morning they will be protected from evil spirits.  However, an oatmeal cookie is always a more delightful treat.

Meade Toast In Place of Champagne
Made from honey, mead is the beverage that coined the term ‘honeymoon.’  A Meade toast is a way to wish the couple well on their future together.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 5.59.45 PM.png

A Blue Dress!
The traditional Irish bride wore a blue wedding dress rather than white. This color was a symbol of purity in ancient times before white became the universal symbol for virginity.

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