Candytopia: hey sugar it’s this way!


Do you remember what it was like to walk into a candy store for the first time? Candytopia is here to help  you relive that feeling.

Candytopia is your childhood dreams come to life! From flying pigs pooping confetti, marshmallow pits, and artwork made completely out of candy, are just a few of the things you see while walking through this candy land of a museum. Candytopia is one of the many fun installations that are popping up through out Los Angeles. 

It is the perfect opportunity to take fun pictures with friends or just marvel over the detail and creativity they use throughout the entire exhibit. Although the artwork might not be edible, you are handed a different kind of candy at the entrance of every new room! This is delicious entertainment for all ages whether you go it alone or rent the whole place out for a candylicious event. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 6.33.44 PM.png

The inner-child in me couldn’t recommend checking out this or any of the other amazing installations around Los Angeles more!

395 Broadway
Santa Monica, California

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