We all know there are many factors that can make or break a special event. When it comes to your big day, having a dark space can change the whole mood of the evening. That said, while lighting is extremely crucial, it does not have to break the bank. Here are some of our favorite techniques and things you can do to "light up" your day.


We cannot express enough how important these little suckers are. They can be floating in a vase, sitting on a table, placed around a pool or even used as the sides for an aisle etc. When it comes to these little guys, the possibilities are endless. We recently had a wedding and loved using them in different vases to add a very romantic and classy element to the tables and fireplaces surrounding the reception. 

Tip: For floating candles, add flower pedals underneath for a pop of color to tie in the floral arrangements or centerpieces! 


Another way to make an event special is to add string lighting throughout. This can be done under a tent, in a backyard, on a tree or even just added to your venue for extra pizzazz! We love how much a simple strand of lights can brighten up any dark space. 

No matter what event you are having, a simple set of lights can change everything! We love hearing and seeing your ideas! That said, feel free to tag us on instagram and you just might see your pic reposted! - xoxo 


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