We understand that the cold winter breeze can bring dry, cracked lips, which is never fun. That said, our beautiful intern Alice Phillips, who is also a professional make-up artist, has some great tips to keep your lips as perfect as you!  

Hi Guys!

Alice here! See below for some of my favorite beauty secrets and check back every week for more useful tips and tricks. 

Tip #1

Preparation is key and to make sure your lips are ready for your favorite lipstick, one of the first steps should be 'lip conditioning'. This will soften your lips and leave them more supple looking. The most effective way to do this would be to apply your chosen lip conditioner (mine's MAC lip conditioner) and leave it on the entire time you are putting on the rest of your make up, then wipe off at the end. This helps moisturize those fine lines so your lip liner and lipstick glide on smooth. 

Tip #2

Looking for that beautiful full pout? Simply start by applying a lip liner first! Using a shade slightly darker than your lipstick, very carefully slightly overdraw your own lip line and mark some lines as seen in the picture below. Once you are done drawing out the lip liner, apply your lipstick on top and watch those full plump lips come to life!  

Tip #3

There are 3 easy steps to help secure your lipstick in place and keep the longevity of your color. Once you apply your chosen lipstick color, place a tissue in between your lips, press down and then reapply your lipstick, repeat this 3 times. This simple step will make your lipstick last even longer than you could have imagined! 

Tip #4

 One of my favorite lip liners for weddings would have to be Chanel. Not only does it look elegant and is a great product, there is also a super easy trick anyone can use. Simply by applying a small amount of your lipstick onto the little brush and secure with the lid on top, now your lip liner will work as a lipstick AND liner throughout the day for those extra top ups!


I hope you found these tips to be as helpful to you as they are to me. Creating a plump lip without needing an injection is always a win in my book! XOXO - Alice