Let's face it ladies, one of the most exciting parts of planning the day of your dreams is getting to see the look on the face of your best friend when you ask her to be your Maid (Matron) of Honor. It's basically your turn to get down on one knee, so of course you want to make it memorable. Not every best friend relationship is the same; however, so we've crafted three very different ways to ask your dearest gal pal to stand by your side as you take your vows and become a Mrs! 


Regardless of how long you've known your MOH, chances are you've made a slew of memories that have served to bond you and seal the uniqueness of your friendship. If you want to make it super special (and yes, sappy) why not plan an evening for the two of you to have some time together before the chaos of planning commences? Cook dinner or order in and stage it as one of your many wine nights, and in addition to the dining part create a timeline of your friendship. The form this takes is up to you, but any way you do it, spend some time thinking about the greatest defining points of your friendship and use photos and notes to make it visual. The final piece of the timeline can be the card asking her to be your MOH. Sound like a proposal? Yeah, it kind of is, but hey you love your girl! 


One of the best parts of having a best friend is all the laughter you bring to each other's life. There will be plenty of time for sentiment and sharing the more serious love you have for her once the festivities begin, so why not start it all off with a laugh? Enter the MOH Survival Kit. There are plenty of "kits" out there: emergency kits, hang over kits, day-of kits and this one melds them into one and gives you the opportunity to personalize it. Get a vintage box, like the one pictured below, and stuff it with things only you and she would need in moments of chaos and add a fun little note to each explaining its significance. In addition to the things she may need to help you get through your day, toss in a gift certificate to your fave brunch spot, a face mask tied to a bottle of wine, a mixed CD of your most beloved tunes; all the things you two have shared together and want to make sure you make time to share again. After all, you are getting married - you'll need your ladies more than ever! 


Sometimes the best way to do something is to just come out and ask it. That doesn't mean you can't add a bit of flair and fun, though. Assuming there will be no drama in your friend circle around who is the MOH, get all your girls together for a meal: tea party, dinner, brunch - doesn't matter which. Cook at home or have it at a place that you can have some personal space from the others and spell it out for them. Have the time with the group that will be hard to come by in the coming months. Share something special about each, showing that all of your gals have a unique and irreplaceable position in your life and culminate with the ask. It will be a joyful and perhaps even unexpected occasion for all. 

No matter how you ask, we hope it's a memorable and special time for you and your MOH. Enjoy your moment of getting to do the asking!