Do you ever go nuts at an antique shop or vintage store? I know I do and in the words of Macklemore, "I'm gonna pop some tags, Only got twenty dollars in my pocket". It takes a special person to rummage through a garage sale and turn a piece of junk into a gem.

Below are some of our favorite ideas from people who are true masters of the craft. We have a feeling you'll be hitting your local antique store very soon! 

1. Spice Canister Florals - Give your florals or plants an upgrade with these super cute ideas! Both colorful and efficient! 

2. Upgraded Bookshelf - Sometimes all you need is a good book ... so sit, back and relax with these ideas to give your home that extra statement piece it's missing. Functional and smart! 

3. Pallet Party - A pallet made dog bed? Yes please! Fido will thank you later for making him look so fancy.

4. Just Keep Swinging - Who says a swing set is only meant for kids? 

5. Pipe Dreams - Jazz up your home or give a great gift as these industrial pipes aren't just made for fluids.